Skinner Brothers Co., Inc.



Polished Rod Oiler

The Skinner Polished Rod Oiler is a simple, low cost clamshell type device that bolts
to the top of the stuffing box. The interior of the oiler is fitted with a wicking
material that quickly becomes saturated with well and reservoir fluids during the
pumping process. It is through this saturated wick that the polished rod passes,
receiving a continuous film of lubrications that prevents binding and scouring
while drastically reducing wear on the packing of the stuffing box.

The Skinner Oiler fits all standard stuffing boxes. The interior lube-wick is
sized to fit the polished rod being used (1" - 1-3/4"). Following extended use,
it is a simple matter to replace the wick in the field.

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PRO-1 Oiler