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Jack Type Boxes

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Fig. 7 Regular Top
Designed for use on any size polish rod up to 1-3/4". Changing to a different size polish rod is easily achieved by simply changing the upper and lower split bronze bushings and packing. Lower connections in 2", 2-1/2" and 3". Weight, 15 lbs. Height above tee, 7". Working pressure, 2500 PSI.
Fig. 8 Lubricating Top
Adding to the advantages of the SBC Regular Top Jack Box, the SBC Lubricating Top provides constant lubrication of the packing in the event of a pump off. Material construction is ductile iron with upper and lower split bronze followers for ease of replacement. Weight, 24 lbs. Height above tee, 12-1/4".
Regular Top - Fig. 7 Lubricating Top - Fig. 8


Fig. 108 & 108A Tee Type Regular Top
As shown, SBC Jack Boxes are also available in a tee configuration, eliminating the need for a pumping tee on the well. End connections available in male or female with Regular or Lubricating tops. Height above coupling varies from 10-3/4" to 15" and weight from 16 to 28 lbs. Working pressure, 3000 PSI.
Tee Base Oil Reservoir